A decision by the Modi government made the pauper become of Pakistan, know how?


Pakistan has benefited greatly from the ban on non-basmati rice exports to India. Know how he has benefited. Actually, Pakistan is the fourth largest rice-exporting country in the world. At the same time, India is the largest rice-exporting country in the world.

Pakistan Rice Export: The Government of India has banned the export of non-basmati rice. This ban is proving to be very beneficial for the pauper Pakistan. Actually, The Indian government banned the sale of non-basmati rice in July 2023 to boost domestic supply and control retail prices, given the upcoming festive season. This decision made Pakistan silver. The voice of Kangal Pakistan is likewise in a state of poverty. Prices of food items are skyrocketing. Electricity and petrol prices are ‘fire. People are unable to get the flour to eat. In such a state of poverty, the decision of the Government of India is proving to be a boon for Pakistan. Know how?

Pakistan will earn an additional billion dollars

India is the largest rice-exporting country in the world. This decision of India led to a shortage of rice in the global market. This increased the demand for pauper Pakistan rice. According to the US Department of Agriculture ( USDA ), Pakistan is expected to benefit from this decision by India. The USDA estimated that Pakistan’s rice exports in the current financial year would be 40 per cent higher than the previous financial year. This would earn Pakistan an additional billion dollars.

Pakistan is the fourth-largest rice-selling country in the world

The US Department of Agriculture has estimated that this will be 48 million tonnes. This is also important for Pakistan because wheat and cotton have also produced bumpers in Pakistan. Due to this, Pakistan’s dependence on imports decreased. This is likely to increase Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are almost empty. Pakistan is the fourth largest rice-exporting country in the world. India is in the first place. India contributed 40 per cent of the total global exports of rice in the year 2022-23.

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