After all, why is the stock market constantly breaking down? If you invest in the market, know the answers to your questions


The weak stance of global markets and the withdrawal of foreign investors have led to a decline in the Indian market. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng and Japan’s Nikki are also under pressure from Asian markets. Investors’ trust has also been weakened by economic slowness in the world.

Indian stock market The fallout is not naming the breakdown. There is a big drop in the open market today after the holiday on 2 October. BSE’s 30-share Sensex is trading at 363.50 points to 65,464.91 points. At the same time, NSE Nifty is trading at 19,516.75 points with a loss of 121.55 points. After all, what is the reason that the market is steadily declining? If you too have invested in shares, then you must want to know the answers to these questions. Let’s answer all your questions.

 Hence the stock market is breaking

  1. Withdrawal of foreign investors: Once again, foreign investors are increasingly withdrawing their money from the Indian stock market. Let me tell you that after investing for six consecutive months, FPI withdrew Rs 14,767 crore from the Indian stock markets in September. FPI was netting in Indian stocks for six consecutive months from March to August. During this time he bought shares of Rs 1.74 lakh crore. Bikwal from foreign investors has led to a market decline.
  2. Weakness in rupees against the dollar: The rupee fell to 83.23 per dollar on Tuesday in the currency exchange market, with a 17-money drop. The rupee is steadily weakening against the dollar. This has also put pressure on the market.
  3. Crude oil boom: The trend in crude oil prices continues. According to Bloomberg’s report, benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude rose above $ 91 a barrel on Monday after rising 29 per cent in the July-September quarter, Which is the biggest third-quarter lead in nearly two decades. Benchmark Brent crude is already hovering around $ 95 a barrel. This increases the risk of increasing inflation. This has led to a market decline.
  4. Global Market Selling: The selling in the worldwide stock markets has also increased the pressure on the Indian market. This is also seeing a decline in the Indian market.

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