Asia Cup 2023: This team benefited from going to India vs Pakistan match the other day


IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2023: The match between India and Pakistan has now gone straight from Sunday to Monday. That is, the Indian team will now play matches for three consecutive days. Because the next match between India and Sri Lanka is also to be played on Tuesday.

IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2023 : The same thing happened in the India vs Pakistan match in Asia Cup 2023, which was being feared for the last close one week. Rain was already expected। Although when the toss was done at around two and a half, the weather was clear and sunny, it seemed that the match would be completed. The match started after the toss and Team India also batted well, but in the meantime it suddenly rained around 5 o’clock. Grounds matches quickly reached the ground with covers, but in the meantime considerable water hit the pitch and the rest of the ground, leaving the field not dry even after the rain stopped. When the match could not start even after a lot of effort, it was said that the match would not be done today, that is, the match would now go to Reserve Day.

India vs Pakistan combat will be played on Monday now

Now this fight between India and Pakistan will go on for two days. By the time it rained today, Team India had batted first and scored 147 runs in 24.1 overs at a loss of two wickets. Virat Kohli was playing for eight and KL Rahul 17 runs. Today at around half past eight, it was expected that the match would start from nine o’clock and the over would be reduced to around 34, but it did not. Around eight o’clock, the rain again attacked, and shortly thereafter the umpire announced that now the match would go to Reserve Day on the second day. Now the next day the match will start from where the match has stopped. That is, the competition will be played with a full 50 over tax, there will be no deduction. This is more the case that if it rains on Monday also then the overs can be cut according to that time.

In the first league match, rain had also caused a lot

Meanwhile, the biggest question now is which team has benefited from not completing the match today. First, understand that Pakistan has won its first match and earned two points. That is, if these matches are not completed on the second day and the Rad is declared, then Pakistan and India will get one point, the way it was in the league. In this way Pakistan will get three points and India will have only one point. The possibility of Pakistan going to the finals by taking three points will become even more powerful.

Team India will now have to play for three consecutive days

Talking about Team India, now the Indian team has to get off to play for three days in a row. That is, the match took place on Sunday, in which the Indian team batted. After this, the competition will be left again on Monday. After this, the problem is that on 12 September i.e. Tuesday, the Indian team will have to come down to play again against Sri Lanka. It has rarely happened before that the Indian team has spent three consecutive days playing an ODI match. While Pakistan is talked about, it may or may not have matches on Monday, it will now have to get off to play from Sri Lanka directly on 14 September, That is, he will get at least two days of rest, but the Indian team will have to get off continuously. It can be said that the Pakistani team will benefit somewhere and Team India may suffer.

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