Avoid getting diabetes patients pedicured! The expert explained why this cleanliness of the feet may be heavy


Pedicure in diabetes: Pedicure is essential for cleaning feet. But, why should diabetes patients think before getting it done? Know this in detail

Pedicure in diabetes: Diabetes is a disease that has absolutely no cure. There is just some avoiding it that helps keep it under control. But, one problem associated with diabetes is that it carries a high risk of some diseases. That is, even a small mistake can cause many diseases. In such a situation, do whatever it takes thoughtfully. One such thing is the pedicure (pedicure) in which the feet are cleaned. Dead cells are removed from the fingers and the nails are rubbed and cleaned. Also, the heel is cleaned by scrubbing the entire legs. But, it can be harmful to patients with diabetes, how do you know Dr Shrey Srivastav-Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Sharda Hospital.

Why avoid pedicure in diabetes -Reasons to avoid pedicure in diabetes in English

Dr Shrey Srivastav states that in patients with diabetes, especially due to poorly controlled blood sugar, There is a high risk of foot-related problems such as decreased blood circulation and nerve damage and pedicures may increase this risk further. like

1. Risk of ulcers in the legs – Ulcers

Diabetes reduces blood circulation, which causes impaired blood circulation. So, if a wound occurs from a pointed device during a pedicure, a non-curing ulcer can be caused. This lasts longer and can worsen the situation many times.

2. Diabetic neuropathy-Diabetic neuropathy

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, reducing sensation ie sensation ( sensation ). When you are unable to feel sensation in your feet, you are unable to know about the cut or other injury and it becomes infected very soon. In such a situation, during the pedicure, you will not be able to know any cut and it can be deep inside.

3. Fungal infection

The use of non-cleaning devices during pedicures can increase the risk of fungal infection. It becomes difficult at times to treat it. In such a situation, if you have diabetes, then you should avoid the risk of fungal infection.

4. Ingrown nail

He can move inward when cutting the nail too small during a pedicure. Nails inside the leg can easily cause infection in patients with diabetes. Sometimes surgery can also come. During this time the infection spreads more, it may cause gangrene or may need to cut the limb to save life.

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