‘ ‘Babita ji’ was going to ”Israel” of ‘Tarak Mehta’s reverse glasses’, then the twist came, the actress left in the mouth of death


‘The Babita Ji of ‘Tark Mehta’s reverse glasses’, that is, Munmun Dutta could have been caught in the Israel-Hamas war, but she narrowly survived. After all, the actress has shared anecdotes of how this happened in her Instagram story. He said that he had survived the death.

There is no shortage of fans of TV’s most hit family comedy show ‘Tarak Mehta’s Reverse Glasses. Every artist on this show gets love from people all over. Many of the show’s characters are now iconic. Most people like the character of Daya Bhai i.e. Disha Wakani and Jethalal Bane Dilip Joshi. At the same time, Munmun Dutta, who plays Babita Ji in the show, also likes it. Recently the actress has shocked fans by sharing a post. The actress told how she survived death.

Munmun was going to go to Israel 

In fact, like Nusrat Bharucha, Munmun Dutta was going to Israel, but she could not go because the shoot was extended. At that time, she was very sad, but now she is breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God. Recently she has told the full story of sharing a post on her Instagram story about how she could not go to Israel. This post of Nusrat Bharucha is going viral. The actress said in her post that she could have died.

Munmun Suwai full story

Munmun Dutta wrote on her Instagram story, ‘I am telling you a fact that I am currently in Israel. My tickets were also booked, but I had to postpone it for the next week. Actually, my night shift was extended, as some extras were to be scene-ed. I felt very bad at that time, but after seeing all this, I completely agreed. There is definitely a big force that is watching everything and that has saved me. Otherwise, I could have been killed in this attack. I do not understand how to express my feelings. This incident clears that there is definitely God and whatever happens is for good only. I expect Israel to be branched and remain shy all over the world.

Munmun is a favourite of people

Let me tell you, ‘Tarak Mehta’s Reverse Glasses’ is people’s favourite show. People love every character on this show. Munmun Dutta is also quite popular. Actresses are very active on social media and share every update related to their lives. Just like they have shared the story of this Israeli trip being cancelled.

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