Black And White: America has the biggest debt in the world? | US Debt Default 2023 | Joe Biden


America’s President Joe Biden, who is facing debt crisis, has canceled his tour of Australia and Papua New Guinea. America has a debt of 2 thousand 584 lakh crore rupees in Indian rupees and this debt is 124 percent of the total GDP of America. 

America: The next analysis is not about democracy but about the loan system, do you know which country has the highest debt in the whole world and the name of this country is America, loans have been given to different countries all over the world , but today you know America’s sunken debt from top to bottom.

He has canceled his tour of Australia on 10th Sep where the leaders of the Court countries were to meet i.e. the full summit of the Court.

Because of Joe Biden, you have to cancel because Joe Vance cannot go to Australia, why can’t he go because Joe Biden has to stay in America and get a resolution passed in the House of Representatives there, so that he can reduce the government’s limit of taking loans. Can increase more, because at this time his government is in dire need of loan, America has a debt of two thousand five hundred and eighty four lakh crore rupees in Indian rupees and this debt is one hundred and twenty four percent of the total GDP of America.

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That is, in Indian rupees, if America’s economy is worth 100 rupees, then its debt is 124 rupees, and this also means that even if America sold its entire economy today, it would not be able to repay its entire debt, a better condition than America. So according to India’s IMF in the year 2021 India’s total debt was only fifty four percent of its GDP.

America has the largest economy in the whole world, which is two thousand lakh crore rupees, but the bitter truth is that America has the highest debt in the whole world, which you probably do not know.

At present, the expenditure of the government of America is more than its income of 76 lakh crore rupees and this is such a huge amount that it can accommodate the economy of two countries like Pakistan.

The US Treasury Department: says that the Joe Biden administration will no longer have dollars left to repay its debt and pay its bills, and if the US Parliament does not increase the borrowing limit before Oct 1, the US Bankruptcy crisis may arise. This loan limit is currently two thousand five hundred and seventy lakh crore rupees in Indian rupees and the US government has already taken a loan more than this limit, so if it has to take more He will have to vote on this by bringing a proposal in the US House of Representatives, and when this proposal is passed, then he can get money by increasing the loan limit, although the opposition parties that are Donald Trump from the Republican Party ie Jesus Party Not in favor of increasing the limit of debt and if the debt limit is not increased before Oct 1, then the US government will not be able to pay salaries to its employees, the pension of crores of people will stop, the army will stop getting money and the Biden administration The loan has been taken and the interest on that loan will not be repaid and in this situation there will not be much difference between the economy of America and Sri Lanka.

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The condition of America at present is like that moneylender who earlier used to distribute loans to everyone, but now that moneylender himself is immersed in terrible debt from head to toe. Should have worried about the people of his country, then America is giving lectures to the whole world on the issue of religious freedom and telling that I am the sarpanch. The US Department of State has released a new report in which two hundred people of the world in countries

The status of religious freedom has been discussed and India is also among these countries. The report says that at present Muslims in India are in the most danger. Now you think America is worried about the Muslims of India even in such a situation and that too is a wrong concern of India. In the context of the five-page reports released by the US, the maximum number of Muslims 198 times, Hindus 182 times, Christians 132 times, Bajrang Dal seven times and Popular Front of India i.e. PFI only once.

Apart from this, many incidents have been distorted in this report.

As it is written that last year when communal riots took place in Khargone of Madhya Pradesh, after this incident, bulldozers were run on the houses of Muslims, while this information is half incomplete.

The truth is that the people whose houses were bulldozed at that time were accused of inciting riots during the Ram Navami procession and the accused whose houses were bulldozed were more Hindus than Muslims, people of Hindu religion, but this In its report, America tried to give a religious color to the legal proceedings, saying that Muslims are not safe in India. It is also written in this that at present there are strict laws against religious conversion in thirteen states of India and these laws are applicable to Muslims and Christians. people of religion made to target while this is also completely wrong.

This law is against the business model of religious conversion in which one’s religion is changed forcefully or under conspiracy or by giving money and this law is same for all religions but despite this the report says that through these laws Muslims And people of Christian religion are being targeted

This report cannot be correct because behind this report there is an anti-India NGO named Indian American Muslim Council, this NGO has spread lies about India, America has spread that lie in its report, I am like that.

It was published believing it to be true, whereas the truth of this NGO is that it had spread fake news of burning houses of Muslims in Tripura in 2021 and this NGO is also facing allegations of collusion with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.

Apart from this, allegations have been leveled against Sheikh, the founder of this NGO, that he collected funds in the name of Rohingya Muslims, collected money and later used this fund to blacklist India in the Religious Freedom Commission of America. Think for yourself, if on the basis of this NGO’s report, America says that Muslims are in danger in India, then it is not true, but it is a propaganda against India.

The truth is that there was more religious freedom than India and more secular than India, perhaps today it will not be in any country in the world and the results of Karnataka are the biggest example of this. The BJP which talks about Bajrangbali loses there and thirteen percent of the Muslims unite and vote for the Congress party.

If that party forms the government there, then where else will you find such secularism?

America comes in those countries of the world where there is maximum racial discrimination with people, but in spite of this, America did not mention anything about itself in this report. Every year thousands of innocent people are killed in schools because of gun culture in America. Children are killed but he always remains silent, so India should also issue a report against America expressing concern over what is going on in America and the Foreign Ministry of India has called this report of America misleading.

The biggest thing is that after a month, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is going to America, his state visit is going to start, where Whitehouse will host him.

Will invite them for dinner and just a month before Narendra Modi’s visit, America releases such a report which is against India, from this you can understand the mentality of America.

In the same report of America, it has also been told that at present the population of Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh is forty thousand in India, for whom people of special ideology go to the courts and say that the government should settle these Rohingya Muslims in India. They should be given facilities, but when the houses of Hindu migrants from Pakistan are being demolished in this country, then all these people are silent on this.

These pictures are from Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer where more than 30 kutcha houses of displaced Hindus from Pakistan were bulldozed today and due to this more than 150 families became homeless in this scorching heat, including a large number of women and children.

These are the people who were disturbed by the atrocities and religious persecution in Pakistan and came to India with the hope that they would get justice in this country as Hindus and because it is a Hindu majority country.

this is their own house

That’s why they left Pakistan and returned to their homeland, but on the contrary, today their houses were bulldozed

According to the district administration, all these Hindus who came from Pakistan are on long term visa and they have not got the citizenship of India, there is no clear guide lines of the government to settle them, so this action was taken against them and this decision

You must have heard that Tina Dabi is an IAS officer in Rajasthan, she took this decision. Think today there are about forty thousand Rohingya refugees in our country and many state governments are trying to make rules to settle them. go to the Supreme Court and say that something should be done to settle Rohingya Muslims in India

you don’t get them back


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