British visa fees will increase from today, know how much profit and loss for Indian students


The visa fee increase proposed by the British government will be effective from Wednesday, making travel to Britain expensive for people around the world, including Indians.

Today, from 4 October, the number of visa fees increased by the British government will come into force. This will make travel to Britain expensive for people around the world including Indians. According to the PTI report, the visit visa price of less than 6 months will be £15 and the price of a student visa will be more than £127. From today the price of a visit visa of less than 6 months will increase to £115 and the price of the application for a student visa will increase to £490. This will make studying in Britain expensive for other foreign students including Indian students.

British Home Office justifies the hike rate

Justifying this increase rate, a spokesman for the British Home Office said, “It is right and proper to increase visa application fees as this will enable us to properly fund important public services and fund to contribute to public sector salaries To give permission.

Rishi Sunak announced the fees

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced in July the fee hike that the UK’s State-Funded National Health Service ( NHS to maintain the country’s public sector wage growthFees paid by visa applicants for ) and health discussions will be increased “significantly. Some time ago, Sunak said, “We are going to increase the fees for migrants who are coming to this country, When they apply for a visa it is called the Immigration Health Charge ( IHS), these fees are a levy they pay to reach the NHS.

GBP will increase by 1 billion

The spokesperson further said, “All these fees are going to increase and this will increase the Jiada by GBP 1 billion, Therefore, visa application fees are going to increase significantly across the board and so will IHS.” The Home Office reported that the cost of a maximum work and visit visa would increase by 15%, and the cost of a Priority Visa, Study Visa and Sponsorship Certificate would be at least 20% higher.

Improper visa fees

At the same time, describing the fee hike as “divisive”, the UK’s Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said, “Inappropriate to increase visa fees for people who build their homes in the UK, Is divisive and dangerous, especially during the cost of living crisis.” This step can make life difficult for all of us. Families already do not have cash for what is required due to high visa fees, they are collecting month-to-month to save for the visa.


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