Final warning to Hamas of Israel’s PM; From where we are attacking, we will turn that city into rubble


The war between Israel and Hamas continues. On one side, Israel’s army is attacking the Gaza Strip, so on the other hand Hamas did not leave foreigners in Israel.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues. On one side, the Israeli army is attacking the Gaza Strip, on the other hand, Hamas terrorists are spreading panic in Israel. Hamas did not leave foreigners in Israel either. The Nepalese have also been taken hostage by the Hamas people. There is news of the hostage of 9 Nepalese people, out of which the condition of 2 people is being described as critical. Hamas people are constantly targeting and attacking people living in Israel. The Times of Israel has quoted medical officials as saying that the death toll in the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel has exceeded 300.

LIVE updates on this news continue:-

1- Indian citizens are advised to be cautious

In view of the situation like the war in the south of Israel, on Saturday, the Indian Embassy in Israel and Palestine will allow all Indian citizens to “ be vigilant ” and “ follow safety rules ” Has given advice. The embassy said, “Given the current situation in Israel, All Indian citizens present in Israel are requested to be vigilant and follow the security rules as per the advice of local authorities. Please be careful, avoid unnecessary movement and stay close to safe sites. ”

2- Attack on Israel’s largest city at midnight

At the same time, Hamas also attacked Israel once again after midnight with a rocket. This time Hamas attacked Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv. Hamas fired more than 150 rockets at Tel Aviv at midnight. Israeli PM Netanyahu has vowed to eliminate Hamas after the Hamas attack. In this war, many Western countries including India and America have supported Israel.

3- Israel made three big announcements

PM Netanyahu has made three major announcements – the first is to destroy the terrorists who infiltrate Israel. Also to restore security and peace for the communities that have been attacked. The second is to charge a heavy price from the enemy within the Gaza Strip and the third is to strengthen all fronts so that no one accidentally joins this war. At the same time, the UNSC will conduct a closed-door session on the situation in the Middle East after Hamas’s attack on Israel.

4- Israel cuts off the Gaza Strip

Hamas attacked Israel extensively, which Israel also responded to by air strikes. Hamas attacks reported at least 70 people dying in Israel. At the same time, the official number of deaths in Gaza is 232. Apart from this, Israel has also cut off the power of the Gaza Strip.

5- Israel’s PM gives final warning

The Prime Minister of Israel has said on social media, “Whatever places Hamas is stationed, is hidden and is attacking from those cities, We will turn them into debris. I say to the citizens of Gaza: leave now and go because we will take tremendous action everywhere.”

6- The Prime Minister of Nepal gave the statement

At the same time, Nepal’s Prime Minister Dhul Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’ tweeted, “I explicitly condemn the terrorist attack in Israel this morning. It is reported that 9 Nepalese have been injured. In this critical watch, I express my heartfelt condolences to the injured Nepalese and other innocent victims and their families.”

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