Get ready! A rare ‘ring of fire will be seen in the sky on this day, which will be a surprising sight


If you are among those looking for answers to your questions by looking in the sky, then this news is of use. Please say that soon you will get a wonderful view of the sky. This has been reported by the US Space Agency NASA.

If your interest is in knowing about the events, stars, planets etc. in the sky, then get ready because there is going to be a wonderful view in the sky soon. On October 14, the sky will witness a memorable moment. On October 14, a solar eclipse ( solar eclipse ) is about to be seen in the sky. NASA itself has given this information. NASA has claimed that after 2012, you will get to see such a solar eclipse.

A rare

According to the Washington Post, on this day the moon will be in front of the sun, hiding most of the sun and seeing a rare ring-like view in the sky. This view is going to be visible to you in the Western Hemisphere, in many countries of the United States, Mexico and South and Central America. Peg Luce, acting director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA, said, “The bright astronomical event will give millions of people the opportunity to” see a beautiful ring of fire eclipse, Which will thrill everyone.

What happens is an annual solar eclipse

According to NASA, the annual solar eclipse ( sun eclipse ) occurs, in particular, when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth at its most distant point from the earth. During this time the moon does not completely cover the sun, due to which a thin circle of sunlight in the sky or ‘ring of fire’ is formed. Meanwhile, this moment looks very beautiful. But, note that it is not to be seen by the naked eye. This can harm your eyes.

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