Hartalika teej 2023: Dehydration can occur during a 24-hour deserted fast, keep these things in the sargi for rescue


Hartalika teej 2023: There has been a tradition of keeping a fast on the Haratali Teej. In such a situation, you can easily fall prey to dehydration. So, you should adopt these tips to prevent this.

Hartalika teej 2023: Haratali Teej, every girl does a woman who wishes to have a good husband. Because this fast was started by Parvati ji with this desire and Lord Shiva was found as a groom. Shiva-Gauri Pujan has been a tradition in this fast and has to be naked for 24 hours throughout the day. In such a situation, dehydration in the body may be lacking. Lack of water can cause dizziness, leg pain in the hands and then you can also have stiffness and headache. In such a situation, you can adopt these tips during morning sargi to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration-Nirjala fasting on hartalika teej tips to prevent dehydration in hindi during 24-hour continuous fast

1. Drink coconut water

Drinking coconut water can be an effective way of avoiding dehydration. Actually, during a naked fast, the body can fall ill with dehydration and in such a way drinking coconut water can restore hydration in your body. This keeps the tissue and muscle life and prevents stiffness.

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Coconut Water


2. Eat cucumber

The special thing about cucumbers is that it keeps the stomach cool and can protect you from dehydration. Second, it is rich in water and can prevent problems like headache and stiffness in the feet during a vow by increasing the amount of water in the body. In such a situation, during the Harthalika Teej, you must eat cucumber in the sargi. This will also keep the stomach right and you will feel full for a long time.

3. Take pineapple

Eating pineapple fruit in a fast can help prevent dehydration with maintaining energy in the body. Apart from this, it improves the rest of your body function and helps in protecting the body from many problems. So, to prevent dehydration, you can take care of these things in the fast of Haritalika Teej. If you do this, in 24 hours, the body does not get sick due to lack of water and at the same time you will be able to complete these fast well.

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