How perfect is eating by roasting dry fruit? Learn the best way to eat them


Raw vs roasted nuts: You may have noticed that many people roast and eat dry fruits. But, you have never thought that this method is not causing loss of nutrients of dry fruits somewhere.

Raw vs roasted nuts: How do you eat dry fruits? eat after soaking or roast them. This question is because the way of eating determines the benefits of every food. While our way of eating makes it healthy for us, a wrong way can keep us away from its benefits. In such a way, eating dry fruits that are so expensive and not getting their benefits is really a waste of money. One such question is, is it right to roast dry fruits and eat them? Know this in detail.

How perfect is eating by roasting dry fruit-Is it good to roast dry fruits in English?

Roasting dry fruit is not really a very sensible job. Indeed, dry fruits contain a variety of fibers and multi-nutrients that can disappear during roasting. In addition, dry fruit also contains trace minerals such as zinc, potassium, and magnium, which are eliminated by exposure to high temperatures. Apart from this, eating dry fruits also damages its fiber and roughage. So, keeping all these things in mind, you should avoid roasting dry fruits and eating them.

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best way to consume dry fruits


What is the right way to eat dry fruit-best way to consume dry fruits

The right way to eat dry fruit is that you first eat some dry fruits by soaking. Like you should eat figs, dates, cashews, raisins and almonds by roasting them. The rest of the walnuts and pistachios you can eat like this. Also you should boil the Fox Nut and the wean in milk or take it with it. This makes the body easy to absorb its nutritional elements। If you have to eat by roasting, then fry peanuts and Fox Nut and eat.

Learn the right way to roast dry fruit

If you do not directly digest dry fruits, then you should roast them and eat them, but you do not have to use oil in this also. You have to roast this straight pan without using oil. Also take special care of the temperature during the time. Not doing so can cause the loss of many micronutrients and trace minerals.

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