In UP, madrasas will now have bat-ballets, and children will read books on AI and NCERT; This is also the plan doing Yogi Sarkar


Lucknow: Madrasas will now be rejuvenated under the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. The state government is now focusing on making them high-tech. The government has also prepared a roadmap for this under which children studying in madrasas will now be able to know the bars of AI technology. According to the information received, children studying in UP madrassas will study Artificial Intelligence as well as NCERT books in their syllabus. Yogi Sarkar is also training teachers for this. For information, about 1.4 lakh children study in madrasas across the state.

Training is provided in the capital

According to the information, children studying in madrasas will now be taught about AI ( Artificial Intelligence )। For this, the Yogi government is also training AI technology to teachers who teach in madrasas with school teachers in Lucknow. This is the new initiative of the Yogi government to connect the children studying in the madrasa. Please tell that 22 videos have been made by the government to tell the teachers of the school and madrasa about AI.

More than 16 thousand madrasas in the state

After becoming the Yogi government in UP in 2017, work is constantly being done to modernize the madrasas. There are 16,513 madrasas in UP right now, with 13,92,225 children studying. Yogi Sarkar has started giving NCERT books, and computers in madrasas. 1275 madrasas have been given computers so far. Apart from this, a book bank and science and math kit have also been given in 7442 madrasas.

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