India-Canada dispute: Justin Trudeau’s arrogance, armed 8 Sikh youth had to be taken into custody


Justin Trudeau’s arrogance has started to break in front of India’s tough attitude. khalistan verse Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is now facing heavy international pressures. India has opened a Canadian poll in front of Trudeau’s allies internationally and forced him to be embarrassed.

India’s strictness on Canadian accusations has made the whole world realize its new strength, not just Ottawa. Tevar of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who accused India of killing Khalistani terrorist Hardipi Singh Nijjar, has also been cooled by India’s fabrication actions. Trudeau Khalistanis’ violence was also associated with respecting freedom of expression, now the same Trudeau has bowed to the pressure of India’s international diplomacy. In Lihaja Canada, Trudeau is forced to detain 8 armed Sikh youths by entering his home.

According to information, Canadian police have arrested eight Sikh youth aged 19 to 26 on charges of possessing banned or prohibited firearms in the city of Brampton, Ontario province. According to Peel Regional Police, on the night of October 2, he was informed that there had been firing in the Donald Stewart Road and Brisdale Drive areas of Brampton. Police said in a press release issued on Wednesday, Eight persons were arrested and arrested from their residence with the help of a strategic unit. Police have confirmed that no one has been injured in the incident. The incident occurred amid ongoing tensions between India and Canada over the assassination of Khalistani separatist Hardip Singh Nijjar in British Columbia on 18 June.

Arrested these Sikh youths

The day after the incident, the Criminal Investigation Bureau executed a criminal search warrant and seized nine MM Barretta pistols. Identification of those caught on charges of possessing banned or prohibited firearms Jagdeep Singh (22), Ekamjot Randhawa ( 19), Manjinder Singh ( 26 ), Harpreet Singh ( 23), Ripanzot Singh ( 22), JapanDeep Singh ( 22) and Lovpreet Singh ( 26 ) and all are residents of Brampton. At the same time, 21-year-old Rajanpreet Singh has been accused of possessing banned or prohibited weapons as well as recklessly depositing firearms, restricted equipment and ammunition.

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