India supported Israel. In such a serious situation, India fulfilled its promise of friendship.


India came to help Israel and supported it openly. Israel thanked India very much and also social media India is trading with Israel on X platform.

Israel vs Hamas: In the recent past, Israel’s friendship was increasing with many countries and Israel continuously helped all the people. Israel had also participated in the G-20 meeting some time ago, but that is an intelligence information. And now in such a sad situation, India openly supported Israel in return. Israel Minister and Foreign Affairs thanked India through social media, assured all the people in India and promised to help them completely.

India Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, after seeing and hearing this incident, immediately expressed his support to Israel. He said that we are with you and whatever has happened to you, there should be no war in future. As if the situation is not getting any better, the Prime Minister expressed grief and assured the people of Israel that India is with them and India will help them as much as possible.

When so many rocket launchers were fired simultaneously on Israel that the whole of Israel was frightened and the land of Israel started burning and houses started collapsing, then immediately the Indian Embassy informed its Indian citizens. Told all of you to stay safe wherever you are, try not to evacuate as much as possible and the Indian Service will soon come to pick you up. If a war like situation arises then the Indian Government Israel is going to conduct an operation soon to evacuate its citizens, with the help of which all the Indian citizens living inside Israel will be able to come back to their country.

In the last 12 hours, more than 500 people have lost their lives in Israel and more than 2500 people have been injured. Currently, people are being investigated continuously and enemy countries are entering inside and killing the people of Israel.Seeing this situation, the Prime Minister of Israel has immediately started an operation with his army. In this operation, the terrorists will be searched and killed and at the same time the citizens will be kept safe. And the injured civilians will be immediately sent to the hospital or the operation has been started by Israel.

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