Indian Airforce gets its new flag, unveiled at Air Force Day event in Prayagraj


Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary Prayagaraja, Indian Air Force Chief, unveiled the new Air Force flag. On this occasion, more than 110 Air Force aircraft participated in the flypast.

Indian Air Force Day: The Indian Air Force has been considered its 91st Establishment Day. On this occasion, there has been a big change in the Indian Air Force. Today the Air Force has got its new identity. The Air Force has changed its flag from today. The new flag was unveiled today on 8 October in Prayagaraj, Uttar Pradesh. Here Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary unveiled the new flag. With this, the Air Force showed its strength to the world here. Ships included in the Army fleet, including several fighter jets, flew in, showing why the Indian Air Force is one of the finest armies in the world.

How was the Air Force flag before?

Back in history, the Air Force flag included the Union Jack in the upper left canton and the RIAF Roundell ( red, white and blue ) on the fly side. After independence, the Union Jack in the lower right canton was replaced by the Indian Tri Color and RAF Roundels with the IAF Tri Color Roundel, the flag of the Indian Air Force. At the same time, a new flag has been created to better reveal the values of the Indian Air Force. Now the inclusion of the Air Force Crest on the fly side in the upper right corner of the Ensign will be reflected.

What changes were made to the new flag?

At the top of the IAF crest is the national symbol Ashok Singh and below it the words “Satyamev Jayate” in Devanagari. Below Ashok Singh is a Himalayan eagle with wings spread, which shows the war qualities of the Indian Air Force. A ring of light blue surrounds the Himalayan eagle, which reads “Indian Air Force”. The motto of the Indian Air Force is “Narce Skeptam” inscribed in the golden letters of Devanagari under the Himalayan eagle. The motto of the IAF is taken from verse 24 of chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita and means “to touch the sky with splendour.

The MiG-21 fighter aircraft of the IAF took part in the IAF Day flypast above the confluence at Prayagraj for the last time this year. The flypast comprised approximately 110 aircraft, including the latest C-295 transport aircraft of the IAF. Aerial performances included Rafael, Sukhoi-30s, Mirage-2000s, MiG-29s, Jaguars, LCA Tejas, C-17s, C-130Js, IL-76s, AN-32s, Chinooks, Apaches and Hawks.


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