Israel-Hamas War: India created control room amidst war, Palestinian ambassador said – Israel responsible for violence


Thousands of Indians are stranded in Israel amid the ongoing terrible war between Israel and Hamas. Now the Government of India has set up a 24-hour service control room to protect its citizens.

The terrible war between Israel and Hamas continues. Thousands of people have died on both sides. Thousands of people from India are also stranded in Israel during this time of war. In such a situation, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has taken a big step to help the people. It has been decided to set up a control room on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs amidst the Israel-Hamas war. Let’s know everything about it.

Control room installation

The Foreign Ministry of the Government of India has decided to create a control room to help the people in the midst of Israel-Hamas Jung. The purpose of establishing this control room will be to monitor the situation in Israel and provide information and assistance to those trapped there. 24 hours of work will continue in this control room created by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Statement by the Ambassador of India

India’s Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla has also issued a statement for the Indian people living there. He said that the Indian Embassy is continuously working to protect the citizens. We are all going through a very bad phase. Singla has appealed to the people to obey the local security law and maintain peace. He said that we are here to help you.

Israel Responsible – Palestinian Ambassador

Palestine Ambassador to India Adnan Abu Alhaja said in a conversation with Shakti global news that Israel’s occupation is responsible for the war between Israel and Palestine. He said that the entire history has been under Israeli occupation. Alhaja said that India is a big country and India’s stand should be on peace. India is a friend of both countries. The ambassador denied Hamas to be a terrorist organization, saying that it is necessary to accept Hamas’s terms for peace.


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