Israeli PM Netanyahu roared, know what else he said? Will soon launch a ground attack on Gaza


Israel’s army is fully deployed on the Gaza border. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu has made a big announcement amid continuous air strikes on Gaza. He said that soon Hamas’ back would be broken by a ground attack on Gaza.

Netanyahu on Hamas

Netanyahu said in a message to the nation that a ground offensive would soon be launched on the Gaza Strip. In fact, the Israeli army is standing on the border of the Gaza Strip with 3 lakh soldiers and tankers and it is giving the order for the attack Waiting for orders. Conflict continues between Israel and Hamas. Israel is continuously carrying out air strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. However, civilians are also dying in these attacks. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a big announcement.

In an address to the nation on Wednesday evening, he said the two main goals of the war were “to eliminate Hamas by destroying its military and governance capabilities and to take every possible step to bring our hostages home.”Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that after the cowardly attack by Hamas on October 7, ‘Israel is fighting for its survival and is ready to launch a ground attack in Gaza Preparations are being made. Netanyahu said that ‘death is near for all Hamas members.’

Netanyahu said Hamas members near death

He said that along with Defense Minister Yaov Galant, Minister Benny Gantz, the Security Cabinet, the Chief of Staff and the heads of security organizations, ‘we will work around the clock to achieve the goals of the war until victory is achieved Working long hours and without thinking about political gains and losses. Calling for national unity, Netanyahu said, ‘Israel is fighting for its existence. “Death is imminent for all Hamas members – above and below ground, inside and outside Gaza.”

To win And save the country our ultimate goal

He did not tell when and how it would happen. He said, ‘We are preparing for a ground attack. I will not tell when, how, or how many. This is so that we can save the lives of our soldiers. The Israeli Prime Minister said the goal is “to save the country, to achieve victory.” He said, “We are wreaking havoc on Hamas and we have eliminated thousands of terrorists and this is just the beginning.” Regarding speculation about a ground offensive in the near future, Netanyahu said it would happen soon.

Comparing Hamas to Islamic State, Netanyahu said, ‘When we go into Gaza while the fighting continues, we will exact the full price from the murderers, the perpetrators of atrocities.’Will recover.’ He reiterated his appeal to the citizens of Gaza to go to southern Gaza. Israel plans to deploy 4 lakh troops for ground operations in Gaza following the brutal attack by Hamas on October 7.

Plan to deploy 4 lakh soldiers for ground attacks in Gaza

South side Nearly 7 lakh civilians have fled from northern Gaza. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hegari said the army has stepped up air strikes in the Gaza Strip to “improve” its position for a ground offensive. There is information that about 6 to 7 lakh citizens of Gaza have moved from the northern part to the southern part. Some Gazans have been returning to their homes in the north in the last two or three days, reducing the risk of a ground offensive if there is a delay.

“Israel should be incredibly careful to make sure nobody finds out about what they do. that’s inconvenient for the US.”

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