Japan will buy a waist, a stock of dangerous missiles, a ‘dragon’ restless to take a fight with China


The enmity between Japan and China is quite old. Japan has also geared up to collide with China with an expansionist mindset. He is going to buy a stock of dangerous Tomahawk missiles from his friend America. The Japanese Defence Minister himself has announced this.

Japan to Buy Tomahawk Missiles: China is hostile to almost all the countries around it. His enmity with Japan is old. ‘This enmity in Japan and China increased further after joining the ‘Quad organization. Meanwhile, Japan has started preparations to take a fight with China. Under this, Japan will buy dangerous Tomahawk cruise missiles from its friend and partner of the Quad Organization. Japan has announced this. He is going to buy a stock of these dangerous missiles from the US in fiscal year 2025.

Japan’s Defence Minister Minoru Kihara on Wednesday announced the purchase of Tomahawk cruise missiles in Washington after the first face-to-face conversation with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin. China has become restless since then. He fears that Japan may use these missiles against the Chinese military. The Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, quoted a Chinese military observer as threatening that if Japan intends to target China, he will also be included in the scope of possible counter-attacks. The newspaper also wrote that the US plan to deploy the Tomahawk missile in the Indo-Pacific by targeting China would prove futile.

Japan will buy 400 tomahawks from America, know how much range?

Japan plans to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from the US. The Tomahawk missile has a range of 1600 kilometres. The variant Japan is buying is the Tomahawk Block-4. Although this purchase requires US Congress approval, the Biden administration has not yet introduced it for approval. The Tomahawk missile was first used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Japan believes that this missile is capable of covering its maritime border with China.

China whipped Japan

The Global Times quoted Chinese military expert and TV commentator Song Zhongping as saying that Japan’s purchase of Tomahawk missiles from the US aimed to strengthen its ability to launch retrospective attacks and to increase military cooperation with Washington. He reported that Japan would deploy Tomahawk cruise missiles on warships equipped with Aegis. Aegis is a ballistic missile defence system, designed specifically for warships. China believes that the US is deliberately equipping Japan with weapons. He is bridging Japan with missiles and other weapons to use as a pawn against China.



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