Kangna Ranaut, who arrived at the pre-match show of India-Afghanistan World Cup match, was seen in the Airforce uniform


Kangna Ranaut is engaged in the promotion of her upcoming film ‘Tejas’ these days. Kaganna reached the World Cup 2023 pre-match show of India vs Afghanistan for the promotion of Tejas. During this time, Kangna was seen in the Ranaut Airforce Uniform, which has won the hearts of fans.

Bollywood’s outspoken actress Kangna Ranaut is scheduled to appear in ‘Tajas’. Recently a great trailer of this film was revealed in which Kangna appeared in the stunning look of an Indian Air Force pilot. Kangna Ranaut can be seen fighting for the country in this trailer. Kangna is seen in this trailer as a strong woman in the uniform of an Indian Air Force pilot. People liked the trailer of Kangna Runaut’s film ‘Tejas. At the same time, after the trailer of the film, Kangna started promoting her film. During this time, Kangna recently reached the pre-match of India Versus Afghanistan promoting the film. During this time the actress won the hearts of the people with her look.

‘Kangna wore an Airforce uniform for promotion of ‘Tejas’

Yes, recently the World Cup has reached the India vs Afghanistan pre-match show in 2023 to promote the Kangna ‘Tajas. During this time the actress has carried a look like this, whose video is now going viral. In the video that unfolded, you can see that Kangna is seen in the look of the film ‘Tajas. This video of an actress is from the pre-show before the Team India and Afghanistan match on Star Sports, which Kangna attended. The actress looked extremely strong in the Air Force uniform look, which also reflects her passion for promoting Kangna’s film. Even before the film’s release, the actress had a proud moment for everyone watching this avatar.


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Tejas will be released on this day

Please tell us that the film ‘Tejas’ is scheduled to be released in theatres on 27 October. Kangna Ranaut will appear in ‘Emergency’ soon after ‘Tejas. In this most awaited film, Kangna will be seen playing the role of former PM Indira Gandhi.

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