Mahadev App Scam: Accused Saurabh had bought property of crores in MP, hotel preparations near Mumbai


ED is getting new information daily in the Mahadev Book App case. ED has come to know that the accused were buying property in Bhopal and Mumbai with the help of Kaledhan.

In the Mahadev Gaming App Scam case, several big stars of Bollywood have recently been released on behalf of ED. However, since then there have been many major revelations about the owner of this betting app. It is now known that Saurabh Chandrakar, the leader of the app, was in the process of making money with betting money. He started investing in property in many states of the country.

Bought uncountable property

According to ED sources, During the investigation of the Mahadev app, it was discovered that these people have uncounted property by using the crores of rupees that the accused have earned through the Mahadev Book app and other applications related to it Also bought. Information has been received that the accused have bought crores of property in Bhopal using this money. Along with this, the accused were to build a five-star hotel near Mumbai which would have all the facilities of the resort.

Investigation intensified

ED is now collecting information on the assets of the accused as well as information related to its documents and its purchase sale. ED wants to get to the bottom of where crores of black money were invested and who went to this money. In this case, ED has released summons to several film and TV stars including actor Ranbir Kapoor for questioning.

Operators also investigate

According to information from sources, ED is currently investigating operators with the help of which this application was being run in different parts of the country. Based on the information, ED is now trying to collect documents related to all those properties and the Five Star Hotel to be built near Mumbai.

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