Mental Health Day: Do not become a mental patient! Vipassana, go to these 3 free meditation centres for 10 days a year


Vipassana meditation: It was discovered by Mahatma Buddha 2600 years ago. Now if you live under a lot of stress or you are surrounded by some misery, then get out of your house and go for Vipassana. Many Buddhist Dhamma monasteries in India have free meditation centres.

Vipassana meditation: If you want to avoid mental illnesses then you have to calm your mind. Actually, peace of mind means stopping the fame coming into the mind, removing the anger and calming down. But, both stress and sorrow cause these things. These first make your night’s sleep and cause anxiety. They then cause depression and leave you in a long sorrow. Then you are a victim of depression and after this, the disease takes serious form. Vipassana (Vipassana) can help you a lot in such a situation. In detail about what it is and where and how to go for it.

What is Vipassana-What is vipassana meditation?

2600 years ago Mahatma Buddha discovered this type of meditation. Actually, Vipassana is a mental exercise that treats both the body and the body. It works for knowing oneself, recovering from suffering and peace of mind. Prolonged practice detoxes the brain, prevents thoughts and depression, increases blood circulation and makes you stronger than the body and mind.

What happens in Vipassana – what happens in Vipassana 10 day course

10 days of Vipassana you have to follow some rules. like

First of all, one does not have to use a mobile for 10 days। One has to stay away from entertainment.
– Total Satvik food is available.
-5 has to be noticed.
– Live killing and stealing do not happen.
– Brahmacharya has to be followed.
– Lies do not have to be spoken.
– Stay away from the map.
– No food is available after noon.
– Have to sleep early and get up at 4 in the morning.
– Stay away from a comfortable luxurious life.

Go to Vipassana, these 3 free meditation centres – Vipassana meditation centre
1. In Delhi-NCR

Delhi has a meditation centre named Dhamma Sota. It is in Sohna, Haryana. It is about 70 km from New Delhi Railway Station। This centre is built on the Aravali hills.

2. Dhamma Bodhi, Bodhgaya

Dhamma Bodhi of Bodhgaya is one of the most famous and old Vipassana Meditation Centers in India. This is a beautiful place. Here Gautam Buddha himself meditated.

3. Dhamma Sikhara, Dharamshala

Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh has a Sikhara Dhamma Vipassana meditation centre. Nestled in three acres of forest land, it is one of the most beautiful centres in India.
So, you go to all these places Go and do free registration। You can go where you get your nearby Dhamma centre according to availability.
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Vipassana centre

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