President Putin again praised PM Modi, this time saying something that China will push


Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again openly praised his dear friend and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Putin has described PM Modi as a very intelligent person. Putin said that he has excellent political relations with PM Modi and India is touching new heights of development under Modi’s leadership.

Russian President Putin is among the better friends of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has openly praised PM Modi several times. This time also, he has praised the PM in this style, which will surely push enemy China and its President Xi Jinping.

The Russian President said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very intelligent personality. According to the report of Russian media RT, Putin said that India is making steady progress in development under the leadership of PM Modi. He also expected cooperation from India in the field of financial crisis and cybercrime in the world.

Said-Modi our good friend

During an event, the Russian President said that we have very good political relations with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. He is our good friend.He is a very intelligent man and is taking his country to new heights of development. He said that Russia and India have a complete job in the field of cybercrime and financial crisis. Putin’s remarks come after the joint manifesto was adopted by Russia at the G20 summit. Russia welcomed India’s G20 manifesto, calling it a milestone and saying that India did not address Western countries’ agenda in Russia-Ukraine war case allowed to apply.

Putin spoke at Eastern Economic Forum

President Putin praised PM Modi for speaking at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum. Even before, Putin had told Make in India last month that PM Modi is stepping into the right direction. PM Modi gave several examples and told the people of his country that we should follow our partner countries like India. He said that he is also focusing his attention on India-built vehicles and equipment. India is also making great progress in this direction. Putin said that I think PM Modi is working in the right direction to promote Make in India.

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