Rajnigandha omelette: If you eat omelette with tuberose, you will remember your life.


Now omelette will be made with Rajnigandha pan masala because there is a new demand from people. After eating such omelette, your heart will become a garden. And many salutes to the person who made this omelette.

Rajnigandha Pan Masala Omelette: Well, all of you tell me what types of omelettes you have eaten till date, I believe that more and more people will say that we have eaten normal omelette and even less people will say that We eat bread omelette but today after seeing this omelette, your mouth will not water but you will definitely spit in your mouth because omelette itself is something like this.

We believe that this is India, anything can happen here, but if so much happens and everyone remains silent, it does not seem good. Now, the pan masala thing which we eat and spit out, will it be made into omelette? So what will be your opinion, I think that people who eat tuberose, after seeing this omelette, they will stop eating tuberose also because their mouth may not water after seeing such a cheap omelette. You will definitely feel like spitting on the face of the person who prepares it because food is God’s Prasad, it is not good to make fun of it like this. The one who does not get food knows the importance of food. Even today, people sleep on an empty stomach.But in today’s world, people are making so many bad inventions on everything that it is not in our nature to remain silent. The food grains are God’s offerings.But the people who made such bad jokes with her are still here. Rajnigandha is a pan masala manufacturing company but some foolish people prefer to eat it with omelette. Because the person likes to eat it with pan masala but completely disrespects the grains.

Rajnigandha Pan Masala Omelette


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Rajnigandha Pan Masala omelette 💥😱 In Kolkata

No matter how you felt after seeing this train, I felt completely wrong because grain is God for us. We have to buy grain with the hard work we earn and we cannot tolerate it being insulted like this.That is why we will tell more and more people and at the same time I want to tell food bloggers not to do such new inventions, there is a lot to show in the world, do not show such ridiculous things.Every place, every state, every state, different food is famous. I make a humble request to the food bloggers that they should not show such useless things on their social media handles and YouTube channels because you are the only one who can stop showing them. Everyone’s morale will increase more and everyone will try their best to make everything like this, but I don’t want our grains to be disrespected so much, you are the good thing in this world, there are many vegetarians. There is food and dishes, you can show them all but don’t boost people’s morale by showing such useless things. Rajnigandha Pan Masala is not an omelette dish. Thanks.


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