Russia voted on a resolution repealing the nuclear treaty, raising fears of using nuclear weapons


The lower house of the Russian parliament has given final approval to the bill repealing the ratification of the treaty that prevented nuclear testing, amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Now it will go to the Upper House. Putin has already announced this. Therefore, the bill is also scheduled to pass from there. Russia’s move has increased the risk of a nuclear attack on Ukraine.

Russia has now made a sensation in the world with another major decision after the decision to cancel the nuclear treaty with the US. In the midst of a fierce war with Ukraine, the lower house of Russia’s parliament gave final approval on Wednesday to the bill repealing the approval of the Global Nuclear Test Prohibition Treaty. This has increased the possibility of open use of nuclear weapons. Russia’s effort has increased the risk of a nuclear attack on Ukraine manifold. Following its decision, Russia has said that its stand is like the US, which never ratified the treaty.

Members of Russia’s lower house ‘ Duma ’ voted unanimously on Wednesday to rescind the approval of the overall nuclear test prohibition treaty. The bill will now go to the Upper House Federation Council ’, which will consider it next week. Members of the ‘ Federation Council have already stated that they will support the bill. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned earlier this month that Moscow would ratify the treaty in response to the US stance before the bill was brought to parliament May rescind its 2000 decision. Putin said that the US has signed this treaty banning nuclear testing but has not ratified it.

The treaty bans nuclear tests in the world

This treaty adopted in the year 1996 bans nuclear tests anywhere in the world, although it was never fully implemented. Apart from the US, it remains to be approved by China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, Iran and Egypt. There are concerns that Russia may resume nuclear tests to discourage Western countries from giving military aid to Ukraine. Many Russian experts have spoken in its favour. Putin has said that although some experts have talked about the need to conduct nuclear tests, they have not yet formed an opinion on the issue. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said last week that Moscow would continue to honour the ban and resume nuclear testing only when Washington would do so first.

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