Shivraj Sarkar’s big plan before the election, was 35 per cent reservation given to women in government jobs


Shivraj government has made a big announcement in Madhya Pradesh, women will get 35 per cent reservation in government jobs in the state. This can be called the masterstroke of CM Shivraj before the assembly election.

MP Assembly Election 2023: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s government has made another major decision on women. In Madhya Pradesh, the government has given a reservation of 35% in government jobs for women. The government has said that women will get 35 per cent reservation in direct recruitment. Following this announcement by CM Shivraj, the Department of General Administration has issued a notification, according to which the 35% reservation formula will be applicable for women in all departments except forest department. This is being described as another major step of the Shivraj government towards making women strong and self-sufficient.

Please tell that Shivraj Singh Chauhan government of Madhya Pradesh has taken a big decision to address the dates of assembly elections and half the population before the code of conduct is issued Under the 35 per cent government job reservation will be given to women in Madhya Pradesh. Significantly, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had announced earlier that the recruitment of daughters in the police department was only 30 per cent, now it has increased to 35% I am doing all the jobs that are there, and 35% of the admitted daughters will be there.

CM Shivraj Singh on a tour of Burhanpur-Balaghat

CM Shivraj Ladli Bahna from Burhanpur will issue the fifth instalment of the scheme, under which Rs 1597 crore will be transferred to the accounts of Rs 1 crore for 31 lakh sisters. 1 lakh 33 thousand dear sisters of Burhanpur will get the benefit of this scheme scheme. The beneficiaries of the dearly runaway scheme will get Rs 1250. The sisters do not have trouble with the code of conduct, so CM Shivraj is releasing the first amount of the scheme. CM Shivaraja will democratize and lay the foundation stone for various schemes in Burhanpur.

Today the status of the Ladli Bahna scheme in the state-

  1. In the last 4 months, 5.211 crore rupees were transferred to the account of Saw crore women of the region.
  2. Today the first transfer of the increased amount of the scheme is being done.
  3. Today 1,250 rupees are being put in 1 crore 31 lakh account.
  4. Bright Plan and Ladlli sisters will now get LPG in ₹450.
  5. 4 lakh 64 thousand sisters of Ladli Bahna Gas Subsidy Scheme were transferred subsidy of Rs 39 crore for 5 lakh 99 thousand gas cylinder refill.
  6. 31.98 lakh beneficiaries and 4 lakh ladlli Bahna beneficiaries of Prime Minister Ujjwala’s scheme, A total of 36.62 lakh beneficiaries have been transferred for 44 lakh 22 thousand gas cylinder refills, a subsidy of 219 crore rupees has been transferred till now.


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