The continuing threat to Earth, maybe a fierce collision this year, NASA estimates


NASA has speculated that the Benu Asteroid, which has been circling the solar system for the past several years, may hit the Earth. This collision can cause terrible destruction on the earth.

NASA: There are thousands of solar systems in this large universe besides our solar system. There are millions of homes in these thousands of solar systems. However, there is not much information about them yet. Along with this, millions of asteroids are hovering in the air in our own solar system. One of these is becoming a threat to the Asteroid Earth. The US space agency NASA has reported that a giant asteroid can hit the Earth, causing major damage to the Earth. The agency has reported that this asteroid is more than 4 crore years old. Along with this, there is a special connection related to life in our home.

Asteroid’s true identity 1999 RQ36

According to NASA, the true identity of this asteroid is the 1999 RQ36. It was discovered in the year 1999. This asteroid was named Benu, given by a 9-year-old child from North Carolina. The US Space Agency has speculated that this asteroid may hit the earth on 24 September 2182. The collision of this asteroid can cause great destruction on the Earth. The agency has reported that Benu passes near the Earth every 6 years. It has passed very close to the earth in the years 1999, 2005 and 2011.

The possibility of hitting the earth is only 0.037 per cent

Scientists have reported that the chances of Benu hitting the earth are only 0.037 per cent but even after that, the danger is very large. He said that if Benu hits the earth, it can release 1200 megatons of energy. This energy will be 24 times more deadly than any nuclear weapon so far. With this, it is being said that it is bigger than the Empire State Building in New York. With this being said there is also a possibility of some such ergonomic Malekulas in Benu, which led to the beginning of life on earth.


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