These 5 diseases are directly related to water scarcity, joint pain to low BP cause many diseases.


Diseases caused by water scarcity: Water deficiency does not just cause dehydration, but can affect the body extensively and cause many diseases. What are these diseases, know in detail about this.

Diseases caused by water scarcity: Lack of water can affect many organs of the body. This not only causes dehydration but also affects blood circulation and liver and kidney work hinge. Not only this, it can also cause weakness in many organs. Apart from this, you may feel something every day that is associated with water scarcity. Such as dry skin, constipation problems, headache and stiffness in the legs. Apart from this, it also has a deep connection with many diseases, know about this in detail.

Diseases caused by water scarcity – Diseases caused by water deficiency in Hindi
1. UTI infection-UTI
Lack of water can cause you UTI infection. Actually, if there is water, the temperature in the body helps flush out harmful bacteria with a pH balance. but, When there is a shortage of water, all three of these things are affected and harmful bacteria accumulate in the bladder and begin to spread and cause infection in the urinary tract.

2. Kidney stones
Kidney stones can be caused by water scarcity. Actually, kidney function is affected when there is a lack of water in the body. Toxins in the kidney are not cleaned. This causes them to accumulate and take the form of stones and then stick to the kidney.

3. Shocking-Seizures
Caesar or tremor disease results from electrolyte deficiency in the body. When water is low, the electrical function of the body remains affected because the circulation of minerals is affected through blood. In such a situation, sodium and potassium are not properly reached by the brain, this messes up the dialogue between the brain and the body and causes tremors.

 4. Low bp problem-low bp
Low BP problems may be associated with water scarcity. When the water is drunk less, the blood circulation is not done properly and the speed of pumping blood through the heart also slows down. Also, water acts as a holder for blood and is circulated throughout the body with it. So when there is a shortage of water, BP remains low.

 5. Joint pain-joint pain
Joint pain begins with friction between the joints and a lack of moisture between the joints.In such a situation when there is a shortage of water, there is also a lack of hydration in the body and friction between the joints increases. This can cause joint pain. So, for all these reasons you should avoid water scarcity. So, drink 8 glasses of water every day and be healthy.

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