To whom will the Congress give tickets for the Rajasthan assembly election? Sachin Pilot gave a big update


Assembly elections are close in Rajasthan. In such a situation, all the parties are not giving up any opportunity to target each other. In such a situation, Congress leader Sachin Pilot has released a big update on the assembly candidates for the party.

All parties, including the BJP-Congress, have tightened their respective gears for the Rajasthan assembly election to be held later this year. Both parties are constantly holding meetings to give an edge to the electoral strategy. Soon the list of candidates from various assembly constituencies can also be released from the parties. When will the Congress release its list of candidates? Congress leader Sachin Pilot has put forward a big update on this.

They will get tickets

On the list of Congress party candidates for the Rajasthan election, Sachin Pilot said that the ticket distribution system in Congress is clear. The pilot reported that various observers, in-charge, and co-in-charge of the Congress party are roaming various districts of the state and preparing their reports. The pilot said that the person winning the party would make his candidate in the assembly election.

BJP targets

Sachin Pilot has also targeted the BJP regarding the Rajasthan assembly election. He tightened his mind that it is surprising that the government which has an absolute majority in Delhi and whose 25 MPs are from Rajasthan will find themselves in balance. They are unable to decide which direction to go. They are unable to tell the people of the state clearly what they will do nor are they able to decide the leadership. Their mutual disputes and tensions are reaching the public.

When will elections be held?

Assembly elections in Rajasthan can be held later this year. Congress can get into the election ground under the leadership of Ashok Gahlot, then the BJP has not made anyone the face of the CM post till now. BJP President JP Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah are constantly meeting with the state leaders.

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