UP: Will not be seen roaming on the streets from January 2024, Yogi government’s big decision regarding cows


Now you will not see cows roaming on the streets. For this, big steps are being taken by the government. From today till December 31, the Yogi government will run a special campaign in UP to send the cows roaming freely to the ‘Cow Protection Centre’.

Lucknow: Cows will not be seen roaming on the roads in UP from January 2024. Yogi government’s Livestock and Dairy Development Minister Dharampal Singh said that earlier the cow used to tremble after seeing the butcher, but now the butcher is trembling after seeing the cow. From today till December 31, the Yogi government will run a special campaign to send the cows roaming freely to the ‘Cow Conservation Centre’.

6943 cow conservation centers in UP

The government says that now after two months of campaign, people will not have to face this problem. There are currently 6943 cow protection centres in UP. In which 12,11,247 cows have been kept. Despite this, cows are visible on the roads. After the formation of the Yogi government in UP in 2017, strict action was taken against illegal slaughterhouses. The result was that cows came to the roads and fields. Despite strictness, cows are roaming on the streets. According to government figures, currently, about 2.5 lakh cows are on the streets. However, the government also believes that in reality, this number is more than double. Yogi government created cow shelters, in which the cows roaming freely were taken there, but the problem has not been completely eradicated yet. Despite strictness, cows are roaming on the streets.

How does cow smuggling and cow slaughter happen?

There are two types of crimes committed against cows. The first type of criminals slaughter the cattle and use it for food. The second type of criminal commits cruelty towards cattle. There are many expert drivers for cow smuggling and they smuggle more on some routes. Gangster action is taken against those who repeatedly do such things. There are some hotspots where such Cases come up. In some cases the religious atmosphere is bad. There the police take action under more serious sections. Smuggling takes place on the Indo-Bangladesh border. In some places, they are carted away. People transporting cattle supply it to some meat factories in the wrong way. If the cows are not suitable for agriculture and are not milch, then some people sell them. People earn big money from cow smuggling. Slaughter of cattle is completely banned. From time to time police conduct operations.

Now before the Lok Sabha elections, the Yogi government is going to open more cow shelters, so that stray animals do not become an issue in the elections. By running a city-to-city campaign, the cows roaming the streets are being taken to cow shelters.

All crimes committed under the Cow Slaughter Act in UP

  1. In 2017, 2947 crimes were committed, in which action was taken against 7843 criminals. 19,944 cows were freed.
  2. In 2018, 3261 crimes were committed, 9182 criminals were caught, and 15,334 cows were freed.
  3. In 2019, 6742 crimes were committed, 20092 criminals were caught, and 29712 cows were freed.
  4. In 2020, 2629 crimes were committed under the Cow Slaughter Act, 7039 criminals were caught and 13243 cows were freed.
  5. In 2021, 2528 crimes were committed, 6069 criminals were caught, and 12617 cows were freed.
  6. In 2022, 2188 crimes were committed, 6667 criminals were caught, and 10104 cows were freed.

The campaign started in UP

A campaign has started across UP from today to catch cows roaming on the roads. In Lucknow, about a dozen teams of Municipal Corporation are on the streets and cows are being caught and taken to the Cow Protection Centre.

After the formation of the Yogi government in UP in 2017, till now the government has spent about Rs 1900 crore on cow conservation.

  1. There are 6889 cow shelters in UP.
  2. Of these, 6346 are in villages and 543 are in cities.
  3. 11,82,949 i.e. about 12 lakh cows are being taken care of in 6889 cow shelters.
  4. About 1 lakh 54 thousand stray cows have been given the benefit of the CM Nirxit Destitute Cow Participation Scheme
  5. In this scheme, the government gives Rs 30 per cow to the cow rearers.
  6. After the Yogi government came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, a strict law was made for cow protection.
  7. According to the law, the punishment for cow slaughter is up to ten years.
  8. The fine ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. But despite strict laws, people are being caught in the districts on charges of cow slaughter and cow slaughter.
  9. So far in the six years of the Yogi government, about 21 thousand crimes have been committed under the Cow Slaughter Act.
  10. More than 60 thousand criminals were caught.
  11. About one lakh cows were freed.

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