World Record Shackle of Chris Gayle, World No.1 Sixer King of the World, became Rohit Sharma


Team India hitman Rohit Sharma has broken the record for the most sixes in international cricket. Rohit has overtaken Chris Gayle in this case.

ODI World Cup 2023: Rohit Sharma. this batsman, known as the captain of Team India and a hitman all over the world, is sure to shatter any record whenever he is in his rhythm. Rohit was in full rhythm when Team India landed their second World Cup match against Afghanistan. When Rohit landed for batting during India’s innings in this match, he broke the record for the most sixes in the history of world cricket.

Rohit’s name is World Record

Rohit Sharma started batting the coffers as soon as he started the innings against Afghanistan. Rohit completed his Fifty on just 30 balls in this bout. Meanwhile, he has hit 4 sixes. With this, Rohit became the highest six-hitting batsman in world cricket. Rohit now has a total of 555 international sixes. At the same time, he has overtaken Chris Gayle in this matter. Gayle has a total of 553 international sixes. At the same time, Shahid Afridi is at number three with 476 sixes.

Highest sixes batsman in international cricket:

1. Rohit Sharma – 555* Sixes

2. Chris Gayle – 553 Sixes

3. Shahid Afridi – 476 sixes

4. Brandon McCullum – 398 sixes

5. Martin Gaptil – 383 sixes

Rohit storm in Delhi

Rohit is seen in fatal form against Afghanistan. Rohit and Ishaan added 94 runs in the first 10 overs. Rohit is playing an unbeaten 76 and Ishaan is 11. Team India’s run rate was 9.4 in the first 10 overs. No team has batted so fast in this World Cup till now.

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