Your face will shine with this desi face pack, skin will be clean and Dark Circles will also disappear.


Advantages of Potato Face Pack: Potato has vitamin C as well as some anti-ageing properties. So when you apply it on your face it relieves many problems by reducing pigmentation.

Advantages of Potato Face Pack: You will not get a good cleanser from potatoes. This is because these vegetables help improve skin texture by reducing pigmentation. In addition, the antiaging properties of potatoes are helpful in reducing the symptoms of ageing and improving the skin. Apart from this, potatoes have many benefits for the skin. Today we will go through the method of making a desi fake from potatoes. Also, we will know which problems it is difficult. So, know in detail about the advantages of this face pack.

How to make potato face pack – Potato face pack recipe

To make a potato face pack

  1. -1 potato
  2. -1 tablespoon honey
  3. -half a spoon basan
  4. 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

After this, cut the potatoes into small pieces or grate them. Mix honey and lemon juice. Mix well and apply it on your face. Allow it for 10-15 minutes. Massage the face with light hands and wash the face with warm water.

Advantages of potato face pack – Potato face pack benefits

1. For cleaning and shine

The potato face pack is helpful in increasing facial shine. Its antioxidants reduce the damage of UV rays on the face and decrease pigmentation. Apart from this, vitamin C in potatoes is helpful in increasing their shine by cleansing the skin from the inside. When you apply this face pack, it is helpful to reduce the face and enhance the colour, with facial cleansing.

2. To dark circle

Potato face packs can help reduce black circles by promoting healthy skin and reducing inflammation. Potatoes contain vitamin C and have a cooling effect on the skin, which can help reduce black circles under the eyes and also reduce inflammation. So, for all these reasons you can use potatoes for your skin. So, make it at home and use it.
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Potato face pack recipe

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