Fact-Checking Policy

Shakti Global News Fact-Checking Policy

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Mission and Values: Shakti Global News is committed to providing accurate, fair, and impartial news to our readers. Our fact-checking efforts aim to uphold the highest standards of journalism, contributing to an informed and trustworthy information ecosystem.

Sources and Standards:

  1. Our fact-checking process relies on credible and authoritative sources, including government agencies, academic institutions, experts in relevant fields, and reputable news organizations.
  2. We adhere to journalistic principles and standards, ensuring that our fact-checking is unbiased, impartial, and free from conflicts of interest.


  1. Shakti Global News is committed to transparency in our fact-checking process. We will clearly communicate our sources, methods, and the criteria used to assess the accuracy of claims.
  2. Any potential conflicts of interest, affiliations, or biases that may influence our fact-checking process will be disclosed promptly.

Non-Partisanship and Impartiality: We maintain a non-partisan and impartial stance in our fact-checking endeavors. Our commitment is to the truth, irrespective of political or ideological affiliations.

Corrections and Updates:

  1. In the event of an error or inaccuracy, Shakti Global News will promptly correct the information and clearly communicate the correction. A record of corrections will be maintained on a dedicated corrections page.
  2. We encourage readers to report potential inaccuracies and provide feedback, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining accuracy.


  1. Shakti Global News follows a rigorous fact-checking methodology that involves thorough research, cross-referencing information from multiple sources, and seeking expert opinions when necessary.
  2. Our fact-checking team undergoes continuous training to stay updated on best practices and methodologies in the field of fact-checking.

Reader Engagement:

  1. Readers are encouraged to submit claims for fact-checking through our website. A dedicated section or submission form will be provided for this purpose.
  2. We value reader feedback and will take it into consideration when assessing the accuracy of information. A responsive and transparent communication channel will be maintained.

Clear Labeling:

  1. Fact-checked content on Shakti Global News will be clearly labeled to indicate the outcome of the fact-checking process. This may include a rating or assessment to help readers quickly assess the accuracy of a claim.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Shakti Global News is committed to upholding legal and ethical standards in our fact-checking efforts. We will be cognizant of the legal limits surrounding fact-checking and ensure that our practices adhere to ethical journalism principles.

Regular Reviews and Updates: This fact-checking policy will be reviewed periodically to incorporate any necessary updates, reflecting changes in technology, information landscape, or best practices in the field of fact-checking.

Promotion: Shakti Global News will actively promote awareness of our fact-checking policy through our website, social media channels, and other communication platforms to reinforce our commitment to accuracy and transparency.

By adhering to this fact-checking policy, Shakti Global News aims to provide a reliable and trustworthy source of information for our readers.

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