Akshay Kumar breaks silence when Modi devotee, gives retort to Netizens


Akshay Kumar is in discussion with the film ‘Mission Raniganj. In this film, he is seen as the engineer and real hero Jaswant Singh Gill, who saved the lives of more than 60 labourers. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has given a response in a recent interview to those who call him a devotee of Prime Minister Modi.

Bollywood player Akshay Kumar these days remains in the discussion on the real-life hero Jaswant Gill about the besieged film ‘Mission Raniganj the Great India Rescue. The film has been released recently. ‘Akshay plays Jaswant Gill in ‘Mission Raniganj. Akshay’s acting film is being praised, meanwhile, in a recent interview, the actor spoke on Mission Raniganj’s box office failure. At the same time, Akshay also gave a befitting reply to the trollers who call him Modi Bhakta.

Akshay Kumar gave the answer when he was called a Modi devotee

Please tell me, that in the year 2019, Akshay Kumar took an interview with PM Modi. This interview was taken before the 2019 general election. Since this interview, people have started trolling Akshay Kumar as a Modi devotee and this continues till now. In such a situation, Akshay Kumar has given a reply to those called Modi devotees in his recent interview. Akshay Kumar said- ‘It is true that some people accuse me of promoting clean India through the ‘toilet: a love’ narrative. I also made ‘padman. But it is not that I am making such films only in the BJP round. I have made and released many films even during the Congress. Which includes films like ‘airlift. Even Mission Raniganj is of Congress time. But this was not taken care of।’ In his interview, Akshay further said ‘I have done many films on social and political issues in the film industry all the way, even I have done many patriotic films, not only that I have done many biopics, In which I have landed the hidden real hero on the screen. The only thing is that he has made films on good topics and nothing else.

People had problems with Modi’s common question

At the same time, Akshay further said that people had a ‘problem’ from the interview during which he asked the PM if he liked mangoes. The actor said, ‘I wanted to know their human side, I wanted to ask them. I wanted to know why he wore the watch vomit. I wanted to ask him how much money he had in the bank. I was not going to ask him about policies. Akshay also claimed in his interview that he was not given any instructions by the Prime Minister’s Office as to what questions were allowed. He said that he was given the freedom to ask any questions to the entire PM.

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