Asia Cup Pakistan vs Nepal: Pakistan badly defeated Nepal. All the best Nepal Cricket


In the Defeat of Nepal by 47 from Babar Azam and 238 runs from Pakistan. However, a fan from Nepal said a big thing to us and we tell you the same thing that brother, we are happy that there was a discussion about us. Otherwise you weren’t taking us seriously.

Today at least it is enough that all the big names of the world talk about cricket export Nepal. Talk about the players of Nepal. So what if the sky was not very beautiful but there was a message that if we have reached here then from here onwards we will do something or the other. Had held the grip till 27 overs. There will be a day when till 50 overs will do its job

So for Nepal cricket and their passionate, Nepali fans, I think there should be a loud round of applause. Welcome to international cricket.

Because now you are facing or are going to face those teams whose players you considered your heroes. Nepal cricket has its own story, all the pictures came out which thrilled the world and coming out of that thrill, which undoubtedly got a chance for Nepal and reached Pakistan, then today it is seeing a hope. There is a hope that today it is dark, so what if there will be light tomorrow. There will be such a light that will illuminate Nepal cricket on the international stage. Will remember this day and keep getting better everyday by taking lessons from this day. You

If we talk about the match Pakistan vs Nepal

So Pakistan team batted first and their start was not very good, their two wickets fell soon, then after that both Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan made a very good partnership together and Babar Azam Played a captaincy innings and was accompanied by wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan.

Babar Azam: He played a very good innings, he scored 151 runs in 131 balls, in which he hit 14 fours and four sixes and his strike rate was 115.27, which was a mountain for his team. The score he was able to score and wicketkeeper Rizwan supported him.

Iftikhar Ahmed: After the dismissal of Babar and Rizwan, he took command of Pakistan. Ahmed played 71 balls in which he scored 109 runs in which he hit 11 fours and four sixes.And his strike rate crossed 150. Pakistan scored 342 runs in 50 overs for the loss of 6 wickets.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s bowling has been dominated from the beginning, Shaheen Afridi took two wickets in 5 overs giving 27 runs and on the other hand, Shadab Khan also bowled well. He took 4 wickets in 6 overs 4 balls giving away 27 runs. Due to good bowling and batting of Pakistan, Nepal team got all team booked for 104 runs. Nepal team could play only 23 overs 4 balls.

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