Calcium of the body can flow like water due to this 1 habit, not only bones, but also these 4 things do harm


Loss of eating more sour: Eating more sour can cause imbalance in your body’s natural process, which can also cause many serious health damage to you। Know why and how

Loss of eating more sour: Some people consume more sour ( side effects of sour food) things in their food. Whether it is sour, tamarind, lemon or pickle. Sour food can counterbalance the work hinge and pH level of all body parts. Actually, our body has some level of its own such as acid level and basic level. When you eat sour it creates an imbalance between these two and damages the Khai organs. Apart from this, it can also cause erosion of many elements, which can cause many problems of the body to increase rapidly.

What happens by eating more sour food – what happens if you eat too much sour food

1. Erosion of calcium

Eating more sour can cause calcium erosion in the body. This causes calcium to flow through the urine together with water and damage the bones. This makes the bones hollow and weak from the inside. In addition, it can cause arthritis and osteoporosis problems. Therefore, if you want strong bones, avoid eating more sour food.

2. Hollows tooth layers

Eating more sour hollows out the layers of your teeth and damages it. This causes the teeth to weaken from inside. This can cause toothache anytime or the teeth can break quickly. Also, the problem of worm in the tooth can also increase rapidly.


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3. Good bacteria damage

Eating more sour causes loss of good bacteria. Not only this, it also spoils the pH of the stomach and causes many problems. Like it can cause things like indigestion, indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation and nausea. Apart from this, eating sour can spoil your dization and you can be constantly disturbed by problems like sour belching.

4. Loss of fertility

Eating too sour can cause loss of fertility. Actually, this is where hormonal health and periods cause disturbances. Second, it can also impair sperm quality in eggs and males. Apart from this, eating too much sour in pregnancy is not right. So, if you have a habit of eating more sour then you avoid it. Otherwise it can be harmful for you.

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