Gaja people offered big rewards with threats. Israel’s new trick to free the hostages.


Hamas released four elderly Israeli hostages late on Monday night. However, more than 240 Israelis still remain hostages of Hamas. In such a situation, Israel has come up with a new idea for the return of the people.

The war that has been going on between Israel and Hamas for the last ३ weeks has not stopped yet. While Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into rubble with air strikes, Hamas is also firing rockets towards Israel from time to time. However, amidst all this, its citizens under the control of Hamas still remain a matter of concern for Israel. Now Israel has made a big offer to the people of Gaza in exchange for the hostages.

The Israeli Defense Department Announcement of the reward

The Israeli Defense Department has made a big appeal to the people of Gaza through its official X handle. The Israeli Defense Department has written- ‘If your desire is to live in peace and have a better future for your children,So do humanitarian work immediately and share true and valuable information about the people held hostage in your area.The Israeli Army assures you that it will make maximum efforts to provide security to you and your home.In return you will also be given a financial reward. We guarantee you complete confidentiality. Along with this, the department has also shared secure phone numbers and numbers of other messaging apps.

How many hostages of Hamas terrorists

According to the Israeli government’s claim, more than 240 of its citizens are still hostages of Hamas terrorists. They have been kept hidden in undisclosed locations in Gaza.They have been kept hidden in undisclosed locations in Gaza. Let us tell you that Hamas had released 4 elderly Israeli hostages late on Monday night.

Terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel So many deaths so far

More than 1700 people have lost their lives in the terrorist attacks and mass massacre carried out by Hamas in Israel., At the same time, till now more than 6000 people have lost their lives in the action taken by Israel in Gaza Strip.Giving information about this, Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Tuesday that more than 1400 people have lost their lives in Israeli air strikes in the last 48 hours.

What is the conflict between Hamas and Israel?

Israel’s difficulties are multiplied in Gaza because of:the presence of large numbers of Palestinian civilians who have no place to go, Hamas’s seizure of at least 220 hostages, who could be used as human shields and all of the tunnels that Hamas has built underneath the Gaza Strip over the years.

Why do Israel and Palestine fight?

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has its roots in the late 20th and early 21th centuries, with the birth of major nationalist movements among the Jews and among the Arabs, both geared towards attaining sovereignty for their people in the Middle East.

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