Good news for gold buyers, Gold will come out of this state mine, and this benefit will be


Deccan Gold Mines Limited, the first and only gold-searching company listed on BSE, holds a 40 per cent stake in Geomisor Services India Limited. After the news of gold production, the company’s stock is in the upper circuit. The stock is trading at Rs 95.52.

Israel and Palestine; The war between Hamas, the terrorist organization, is causing a big jump in gold. Meanwhile, there has been good news that Gold will be produced from the first major private gold mine in the country. Gold Expert says this will not only reduce the import of gold from abroad to India but will also help curb the price, Being in the country of gold products will clear the way for people to get pure gold, Let me tell you that Hanuman Prasad, Managing Director of Deccan Gold Mines Limited ( MD ) said that full-scale production in the country’s first large private gold mine in Andhra Pradesh is next Will start by the end of the year, He said that the Jönagiri gold project in which work has already started at an early stage, Under that, after full-scale production starts, there will be production of about 750 kg of gold per year.

Around 200 crore was invested

Deccan Gold Mines Ltd., the first and only gold-searching company listed on BSE, has a 40 per cent stake in Geomisor Services India Limited ( DGML), Joe is working on the first private sector gold mine in Jonagiri. The mine, which has so far invested a total of around 200 crores, is currently producing about one kilogram of gold per month. Prasad said construction work is underway in the Indian mine ( Zonagiri project ). Production will begin here ( fully ) around October-November next year. The gold mine is located in the Kurnul district of Andhra Pradesh, near the villages of Jönagiri, Erragudi and Pagdirai within Tugali Mandalam.

It took eight to 10 to complete the search work

The mine was delivered in 2013, Prasad said. ( It took about eight to 10 to complete the search work ) under the project. ’ ’ The Managing Director stated that production under another gold mining project of the company in Kyrgyzstan is likely to begin in October 2024 or November. DGML holds a 60 per cent stake in it. He said, that under the ‘ ‘ Altin Tor Gold project, about 400 kg of gold will be produced per year.

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