How many crores were bid No buyer was found in the auction of Tipu Sultan’s sword


A sword that was put up for auction was sold for Rs 141 crore. Tipu Sultan’s sword was put up for auction. No buyer showed interest in this auction in London.

Tipu Sultan Sword Auction: A personal sword of Tipu Sultan was auctioned in London. But unfortunately, no buyer was found for that sword. This sword was put up for sale at Christie’s auction in London. Tipu Sultan fought against the British in the Anglo-Mysore War. The base price that was kept for auction was also not achieved for this sword. According to media reports, this sword was gifted to former British Governor General Lord Carnival.


The estimated price was kept at Rs 17 to 29 crores

The estimated value of Tipu Sultan’s sword was kept at Rs 17 crore to Rs 29 crore. The sword could not be bid on due to its high price. Cornwallis was made the Governor General and Commander in Chief of British India in 1786. He led the British forces during the Third Anglo-Mysore War. The sword was expected to be purchased by a museum in the Middle East, but its reserve bid could not be made. Both swords of his personal armour were gifted to him in 1769 after the defeat of Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan’s sword why was no buyer found?

According to reports, this sword was kept near the head of Tipu Sultan in his bedroom. first sword It was sold on May 25 this year for Rs 191 crore. Now the Carnivalis family put their luxurious home and two swords up for sale. The second sword is studded with gems and enamel. Cornwallis was again given responsibility in India in 1805, but during his service He died in barely two months. It is believed that due to the recent Israel-Hamas war and high-interest rates, no one showed interest in purchasing at high prices. That’s why there are no bids in the auction Can be installed.

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