Hundreds of children waiting to be adopted, why is Kara against the process: Supreme Court


The Supreme Court asked the Additional Inspector General Aishwarya Bhati on behalf of the Center to wait for the number of adopted children and adoptions of the court in the last 3 years State the number of children.

New Delhi: Describing the child’s adoption process as humanitarian, the Supreme Court on Friday raised the issue of too much delay in the process. The Supreme Court commented on the issue, saying that many children are waiting for adoption in the hope of a better life. Chief Justice D. Why. The bench headed by Chandrachud said that the petitioners have said that this process has actually stopped। The bench was hearing 2 petitions, including a demand to simplify the legal process of adopting children in India. Justice J. other than CJI on the bench. B. Pardiwala and Justice Manoj Mishra remained involved.

 Hundreds of children waiting to be adopted

This bench of 3 judges of the Supreme Court said that it is being delayed a lot. Describing this as a serious issue, the bench said that if a couple between the ages of 20 and 30 have to wait for 3 or 4 years for child adoption, their status as a parent and the status of the adopted child can change with the passage of time. The Chief Justice asked, ‘Why are they blocking the adoption process ( Central Adoption Resource Authority-CARA ). ’ He said that hundreds of children are waiting to be adopted in the hope of a better life.

The court asked for the last 3 years

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Aishwarya Bhati on behalf of the Center said that her affidavit is ready in the case and she will file it in the Supreme Court। He said, ‘The exercise we have done should be allowed to be placed before the court. ’ The bench asked Bhati to tell the court the number of children adopted in the last 3 years and the number of children waiting to be adopted। A lawyer presenting on behalf of one of the petitioners emphasized the need to simplify the adoption process and said that more in adopting children with special needs There is a problem.

 The next hearing of the case is on 30 October

Citing a petition, the bench said that it has been highlighted that only 4,000 children are adopted every year in the country. One of the petitioners, referring to the problems in the adoption process, said that India has become the ‘orphan capital’ of the world. The bench has scheduled the next hearing of the case on 30 October. Supreme Court In April last year, a petition seeking to simplify the legal process of child adoption in India was agreed to be heard. It had sought a reply by issuing a notice to the Center while hearing the petition filed by NGO ‘The Temple of Healing.

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