Israel-Hamas War: An American Journalist was telecasting live, a rocket dropped nearby, and then…


The war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas continues. Rockets are falling everywhere. There is open fire on the streets. Meanwhile, a journalist was telecasting live, when a rocket came nearby and dropped.

 Israel Hamas War News: Strong war continues between Israel and Hamas. Israel is shocked after Hamas’s blatant attacks. Rocket launchers are bombarded here. The terrorist organization Hamas openly fired and bombed the streets. Nearly 900 Israeli civilians have died in Hamas attacks. Meanwhile, a rocket fell in front of an American journalist. The reporter of the American News Channel and his team have watched the attack quite closely. He has told his story referring to this attack by Hamas.

Child-saved American journalist

Clarissa Ward, the chief international correspondent of the American news channel CNN, was on a live segment when she heard the loud sound of rockets. She hid along the roadside with her three companions as soon as she heard the voice. Correspondent Word apologized to the CNN team for their position during this time and described the scene there. He said that there was a heavy ball, and we were seeing rockets coming and falling. The condition is that we had to come to the roadside to hide.’ The American journalist reported that they were only five minutes away from the rocket.

He said, ‘He attacked, breaking the border with Israel and from this road he started the attack. Please say that Abatak injured more than two thousand in the attack on Saturday. At the same time, the Ministry of Palestine Health reported that the death toll in Gaza is more than 450. Hamas militants have held hundreds of Israeli citizens hostage.

Continued bombing in the Gaza Strip, Hamas threatened

Significantly, the death toll in the Hamas attack in Israel has increased to around 900, injuring around 2600 people. At the same time, more than 700 people have been killed and more than 4 thousand people have been injured in the Israeli bombing in Gaza. There, a Hamas military spokesman has now threatened that civilians in the Gaza Strip were attacked without warning, after the continued bombing of Gaza, and held terrorist hostages Gaya will kill Israeli civilians.

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