Israel Hamas War 3: Who knows how many days have passed since the war and how many people died in the Gaza Strip


Israel Hamas War: 30 days have passed since the war, more than 10,000 people have died in Gaza Strip, only more people can die.

Israel Hamas War: 30 days have passed since the Palestinian extremist organization Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and attacks continue to happen here every day. The whole of Hamas is in ruins and the fear of death is always haunting the people there. People are being killed every day because Israel has now increased the pace of attacks from the ground.

Since the day of the attack, Israeli soldiers have been continuously destroying Hamas bases by entering the Ganja strip and continuously killing the people there. So far, 1400 people have died in Israel in attacks from both sides and this figure is continuously increasing. While 250 people have been taken hostage.

Israel has completely entered the Ghazi strip and continuous ground attacks are going on against Hamas positions. Due to which the entire area in Gaza Strip has been filled with bombs, gunpowder and dead bodies , And at the same time, Israel is continuously attacking Hamas targets in which claims are being made that about 30 Israeli soldiers have been killed, but this figure is not even 30, it is known from different sources. This figure is continuously increasing.

On the other hand, claims are being made that more than 12,000 people have been killed in Gaza Strip and these figures are continuously increasing. Israeli forces have surrounded Gaza city from all sides and within two days, more than 150 Hamas terrorists have been killed.


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