Many Vande Bharat trains cleared in 14 minutes, became a unique record


Earlier on September 28, 2023, carriage and wagon at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus ( C&W ), Railway Safety Force ( RPF ), A successful test was carried out with the spontaneous cooperation of employees from various departments including engineering and commerce.

New Delhi: Today, cleanliness has started in the country since October 1. Cleanliness operations were carried out across the country. Now Muhim was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleaning a park in Delhi. After this, the Indian Railways set a unique record. Actually, the Indian Railways started the ‘14 minute miracle‘ scheme. Under this, Vande Bharat trains across the country were cleaned simultaneously in a record time of 14 minutes.

Solapur-Mumbai, Mumbai-Sayanagar Shirdi and Bilaspur-Nagpur Vande Bharat trains were cleaned in 14 minutes at CSMT, Sainagar Shirdi and Nagpur stations respectively by the central railway division of the railway. Railway Solapur-CSMT-Solapur Vande Bharat Express in CSMT, CSMT-Sayanagar Shirdi-CSMT Vande Bharat Express in Sainagar Shirdi and Bilaspur-Nagpur-Bilaspur Vande Bharat Express in Nagpur cleared the trains in 14 minutes.

The train cleared in 14 minutes

The cleanup operation started at 12:42 pm. after the arrival of the train and landing of all passengers on platform number 8 of CSMT. It was completed within 14 minutes at 12.56. These trains were cleared by three teams together. During this time he did a deep cleaning of the interiors including toilets, racks, panels, seats, floors and the exterior of the coach. Team A with 8 employees cleaned the pan seat, glass etc. in the toilet and cleaned the waste from the train.

A team of 32 people was made to clean

In addition, Team B with 32 employees cleaned seats in coaches, snack tables, side panel cleaning and coach floor. In addition, Team C with 4 employees cleaned the windows of all coaches. All this was done in a record time of 14 minutes. During this time 2 minutes to collect garbage in the bag, 3 minutes to clean the seats and snack table, It took 3 minutes to clean the panel and coach and 6 minutes to clean the coach’s floor.

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