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Mayank Singh who is from Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh And we hope that this young boy from Uttar Pradesh will leave his mark on the whole of India in the times to come.

Mayank Singh, who is a popular person on Instagram, is always surrounded by different questions due to his different style and style. The whole public asks Mayank his strange questions and in the same way, Mayank also gives unique answers to all the questions in his own style, due to which people like his videos and reels very much.

Although there are many famous artists in Uttar Pradesh, but Mayank’s words are something different. Mayank understands people’s hearts and their problems in such a sensitive situation and gives a different answer to them. Due to which people like his videos very much.

Mayank has started his journey from Instagram. He has uploaded his first video on 17th September and he has uploaded this question-answer style first video on 1st October. After this Mayank came to know what people were liking.

Mayank Singh Instagram

Mayank’s Instagram username is @Purvanchal.hasya and currently he has 30K followers on Instagram and he has just uploaded 46 Reels on his Instagram.

Mayank Singh Image Source: Shakti Global News


Mayank is very popular in entire Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for his Bhojpuri style. They wait for his answer as if the answer of an IIT JEE paper is about to come. Mayank is always seen in a funny manner in his videos and one out of five of his videos always goes viral.

Our entire team Shakti Global News gives a lot of love to Mayank wholeheartedly and is hopeful that in the coming times, he will bring glory to his Deoria district and entire Uttar Pradesh.

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