Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in Asia, Gautam Adani slipped and reached the top 10 list here


1,319 persons in India now have assets of ₹ 1,000 crores or more. The wealth of the rich has increased significantly by 76 per cent in the last five years. Shiva Nadar is ranked fourth on the list with a wealth of Rs 2,28,900 crore. Interestingly, there are 259 billionaires in India, 38 more than last year.

Mukesh Ambani Then became the richest person in Asia. According to the Hurun India Rich List 2023, Mukesh Ambani has regained the title of richest Indian by defeating Gautam Adani. According to the report, Mukesh Ambani’s assets have increased from Rs 165,100 crore in 2014 to about Rs 808,700 crore, a four-fold increase. Hurun India and 360 Wealth today released 360 One Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2023. Following the Hindenburg report, Gautam Adani, president of the Adani group, slipped to second place and his assets have drastically decreased. Adani slipped to second place with assets of Rs 474,800 crore. Cyrus S. Poonawala has retained its position at number three, with a total assets of 2,78,500 crores.

India Rich List 2023

1) Mukesh Ambani – ₹ 808,700 crores

2) Gautam Adani – ₹ 474,800 crores

3) Cyrus S. Poonawala– ₹ 2,78,500 crores

4) Shiva Nadar– ₹ 2,28,900 crores

5) Gopichand Hinduja– ₹ 1,76,500

6) Dileep Sanghvi – ₹ 1,64,300

7) LN Mittal and Family– ₹1,62,300

8) Radhakishan Damani– ₹ 1,43,900

9) Kumar Mangalam Birla – ₹ 1,25,600

10) Neeraj Bajaj– ₹ 1,20,700

Interestingly, there are 259 billionaires in India, 38 more than last year.

Shiv Nadar in fourth place

Shiva Nadar ranks fourth on the list with assets of Rs 2,28,900 crore, followed by Gopichand Hinduja and family in fifth place with Rs 1,76,500 crore. Dileep Sanghvi is in sixth place with Rs 1,64,300 crore. LN Mittal and family are seventh with Rs 1,62,300 crore. Radhakishan Damani and family are eighth with assets of Rs 1,43,900 crore. Kumar Mangalam Birla and Family, with ₹ 1,25,600 and ₹ 1,20,700 crores, and Neeraj Bajaj and Family Hurun India Rich List are ninth and tenth respectively in 2023.

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