Noida Police issued this statement, No luck to those who misuse OYO’s name


Gautam Buddha Nagar Police along with officials of hospitality technology company OYO organized a seminar to raise awareness and prevent unethical practices in hotels

Noida: Gautam Buddha Nagar police on Thursday asked hospitality technology company OYO to ensure that no ‘unethical activities’ take place in hotels affiliated with the private company. The official said that under this initiative, strict action against those using OYO’s brand illegally will be one of the top priorities of the police, While hotels have been suggested to increase security measures at their premises. According to the company, currently, 365 properties are operational under the OYO brand in Noida and Greater Noida in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district adjacent to Delhi.

Hotel staff ‘recognize suspicious activities’

Anuj Tejpal, Chief Merchant Officer, OYO, said, “We are taking proactive steps to contribute to the fight against unethical activities through this seminar. By fostering collaboration between the hotel industry and law enforcement agencies, it aims to build a stronger, more vigilant community, Which can make Noida a safe place for businesses and guests living here.ACP Verma said hotel employees are often the first line of defence, with the ability to identify and report suspicious activity.

A lot of hoteliers are using the OYO brand illegally. We assure OYO of full cooperation and prompt and strict action against such hoteliers in Noida.’ However, In a meeting organized between Gautam Buddha Nagar district police and company officials and franchise partners, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Harish Chandra said, ‘OYO has provided state-of-the-art technology to many hoteliers. Empowered by doing so, which has helped them expand their business.ACP Rajneesh Verma said that the hospitality industry plays an important role in the fight against unethical activities in Noida.

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