Pollution Impact On Mental Health: Anger, stress and irritability


Pollution Impact: The rapidly increasing pollution in Delhi NCR is also affecting mental health. Air pollution can also be a major reason for your anger, irritability and stress. Know how to protect your body and mind from this pollution

Delhi NCR Pollution: People living in Delhi and its surrounding cities are once again troubled by the increasing pollution. It is becoming difficult to breathe poisonous air. Smog has increased the problems of people before winter. Air pollution not only affects the lungs and heart but it also affects the brain.

This has a bad effect on our mental health. Many researchers have found a link between increased risk of mood disorders depression and air pollution. Increasing air pollution can cause stress and increased anxiety, especially in big metros. When we are constantly exposed to pollutants, noise and contaminated air, stress hormones start increasing in the body. This can affect our brain function, which affects our mood.

Pollution is affecting the brain

Increasing noise pollution in metro cities is also affecting sleep. The sleep pattern of people living in these metros is getting worse. Due to this, the problem of insomnia and sleep-related diseases like sleep apnea are arising. By living in pollution and going out, fine particles, especially PM 2.5, put us at risk of neurodegenerative disorders i.e. confusion and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Effect on health

Apart from this, due to increasing pollution, people have started avoiding coming out of their homes. Walking outside, and spending time in the park, children may feel lonely at times due to fewer outdoor activities. Having less contact with people can also lead to a feeling of isolation. All these reasons affect our mental health.

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