Powerful storm ‘Koinu’ in Taiwan, government in tension, orders given to stop flights and schools


The government’s difficulties have increased in view of the powerful storm in Taiwan. The Taiwan government has cancelled flights as Ai Hatiyat. Sculls have been discharged in many areas.

Taiwan News: Taiwan government difficulties have increased. This difficult powerful typhoon ‘Koinu’ has increased. Taiwan cancelled flights on Wednesday and closed schools in parts of its southern region, according to AFP reports. It is the second major powerful storm to hit the island in a month. Taiwan is experiencing heavy rains with strong winds due to the storm. Its impact is visible in the northern part of the Philippines and southeastern China, in addition to Taiwan.

96 ferry trips were also cancelled

The government’s difficulties have increased in view of the powerful storm in Taiwan. According to the Civil Aviation Administration, at least 93 flights were cancelled at Taiwan airports on Wednesday. According to the Central News Agency, the Maritime and Port Bureau said 96 ferry trips have been cancelled. According to meteorologists, the storm may knock in the southeastern part of Taiwan on Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Typhoon Haikui also increased Taiwan government tension

Earlier last month, Typhoon Haikui knocked on Taiwan. Domestic flights were cancelled even before this storm arrived. Also, about 3,000 people were transported to a safe place before the storm arrived.

The typhoon was heavily rainy with the haiku storm, affecting public life. More than 200 domestic flights were then cancelled. President Tsai Ing-wen himself issued a warning about Haikui and asked the people of Taiwan to be vigilant. Let us know that the last major storm to come in Taiwan before Haikui was Typhoon Baillu, which came in 2019. One person was killed in this.

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