Rahul Gandhi has planted the BRS government accused of corruption; he Said the chief Minister has stolen public money


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made serious allegations of corruption against the Chief Minister of Telangana. All the parties are fully prepared for the assembly elections to be held in Telangana. Meanwhile, the leaders also started accusing each other.

Telangana: Voting is scheduled for 119 assembly seats in the state on November 30. Its results will be declared on 3 December. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed an election rally in Kolhapur on Tuesday, 31 October. During this, he met Chief Minister K. Also made serious allegations against the party led by Chandrashekhar Rao. All the parties are showing their strength to register a victory in the elections. Through election rallies and various programs, everyone is busy winning people over to their side.

Addressing an election rally Rahul Gandhi made serious allegations

He accused BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samiti) of corruption on a large scale. He also said that the aspirations of the people behind the formation of Telangana state have been betrayed. In fact, Addressing an election rally in Kolhapur, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed Telangana Chief Minister K. Attacked Chandrashekhar Rao fiercely.

Let us tell you that recently there was a report of the sinking of some pillars of the Kaleshwaram projects. Referring to this report, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the pillars of the barrage are breaking. He further said, ‘The state’s Kaleshwaram project is a big betrayal of you. The money belongs to the people and their future but the Chief Minister has stolen Rs 1 lakh crore from the poor, farmers and labourers. He further said that just for paying interest money, every family in the state will have to bear an additional burden of Rs 31 thousand by 2040.

Rahul Gandhi made this promise

He further said that the entire money of the people of Telangana is going to the KCR family. We will bring back all this money from KCR and return it to the public. Making a promise to the public, Rahul Gandhi said that, ‘His party will fulfill all the aspirations for which the state was formed.’He further said that it was hoped that after the formation of a separate state, the public and poor people would get some benefits. But in the last 10 years, only one family has benefited. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the Chief Minister of asking the BRS government to take back the land given to the poor during the Congress tenure. There is a fight between BRS and Congress in the elections to be held in the state. Both BJP and AIMIM are together. Their effort is to ensure that Congress does not win the elections in Telangana.

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