Raksha Bandhan: Sister ties Rakhi to the statue of the soldier who sacrificed his life for the country.


The sister of Martyr Ganpat Ram Kadwas, who made supreme sacrifice for the country while fighting the enemies in Jammu and Kashmir, celebrated the festival of Raksha bandhan by tying Rakhi to his statue in Rajasthan on the occasion of Raksha bandhan.

Raksha bandhan Special: Brother-sister love is a unique love which has been going on since a very long time. Brother and sister say that they are together, they drink together, wear together and even fight together, but love never diminishes.

But having a sister is very important for a brother. On the other hand, it is very important for a brother to have a sister. The brother who always supports his sister, keeps her happy and swears that he will protect her throughout his life. This thing has been going on since ancient times. Shri Krishna also fulfilled his brother’s duty. He saved Draupadi’s shame in the gathering. Since then the festival of Raksha bandhan has been going on. The biggest pain a brother feels when his sister gets married and It is the biggest sad thing for a brother if she goes to her home but the sister also feels very sad that she leaves her parents and her beloved brother and goes to another house.

If we talk about a soldier, no matter which country that soldier belongs to, whether he is a soldier of India or Pakistan or a soldier of any other country, the duty of a soldier is always to protect his mother earth.But that soldier is someone’s brother, someone’s son and someone’s husband, he leaves everything and goes to serve the mother earth. He always serves the mother earth without any selfishness, without any thought of sacrifice, but sometimes we must have heard and read that every day one or the other soldier gets martyred.But the poor man does not know that behind him his mother, his sister and his wife and all his family is waiting for him. We salute all the soldiers from the bottom of our heart and we salute all the sisters Whose brother is the son of the day, whose husband is not among all of us today or the matter hides a lot from the heart, where the whole world is celebrating Rakshabandhan with its brother, on the other hand, the brother of a sister of Rajasthan. Now he is no more in this world but we are so proud of his sister and his brother that we cannot talk to you Hearty salute to such soldiers and hearty salute to her sister too Mother India Shakti Global News wishes you all lots of love and a very Happy Raksha Bandhan ❤️

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