Reached this position in the points table, Pakistan suffered huge losses due to Afghanistan’s victory


Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka: In the ODI World Cup, the Afghanistan team registered a big win by 7 wickets in the match against Sri Lanka and won 2 important points. Afghan team won because of this Now it has directly reached number five.

In the ODI World Cup 2023, the Afghanistan team continues to show excellent performance on the field. In this match played on Pune ground, the Sri Lankan team, batting first, gave Afghanistan a target of 242 runs, which they achieved in 45.2 overs. After registering wins against England and Pakistan, the Afghan team has now registered a big win against Sri Lanka by 7 wickets. Afghanistan team has now reached fifth place in the points table with three out of six matches, in which they have a total of six points and a net run rate of -0.718.

Pakistan at seventh, and Sri Lanka reached sixth place.

Pakistan team has reached seventh position in the points table with four points and their net run rate is also -0.387.The England team is currently at the last position in the points table with two points, while the Netherlands and Bangladesh teams are at eighth and ninth position.After the defeat against Afghanistan, the Sri Lankan team is also almost out of the race for the semi-finals, in which they have only 4 points with four losses in 6 matches and their net run rate is also -0.275.

Australia is in fourth place,India on top

South Africa’s team is at second position with 10 points, while New Zealand and Australia are at third and fourth position with 8 points each.The net run rate of the Kiwi team is currently 1.232, while the net run rate of Australia is 0.970.At present, the Indian team is in first place by winning all the 6 matches, in which the team’s net run rate is 1.405 and it has almost confirmed its place in the semi-finals.

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